Why Register Copyright

Many creative individuals think that copyright registration can be postponed to any time in the future. What they don't realise is that any unscrupulous person could register their work and claim to be the creator of it.

How would you feel if somebody took your songs or other artistic work and registered it in their name? Don't let it happen to you.

According to the copyright law, copyright exists as soon as you've put your creative work, let's say a song, into some tangible form. This means you are the copyright owner right from that time onwards.

You may think "good, my song is protected". You decide to make your song available to the public and publish it on a music website.

One day you may discover that someone else has published your song on their website and sells it under their own name.

Now you are in a position where you need to prove that you're the actual creator of the song. To do this you'll need to have a date and time proof that your work existed earlier than when the infringer had possession of it.

This is where the importance of copyright registration comes into play. If you have your song registered with an independent third-party copyright service like Copyright House, you will have that all-important proof of ownership from a fully documented date and time.

Proof of copyright is therefore essential and you should register your copyright as soon as possible. Before you publish, give out or show your work to anyone else, register your copyright through Copyright House's copyright service and enjoy peace of mind.

Even if the work is not yet finished, registration is still important. With Copyright House you can upload workings, updates and amendments at a later stage at no extra cost.

Registering copyright of your creative work at different stages of its evolution shows its natural development. By registering each of these developments you are further strengthening the proof that you are the owner of the work.


Protecting Brand Names

If you need to protect the name of your business, your artist name or the name of your band/group, then you need to register it as a trademark, Please check out Trademark House for more information.

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One of the unique features of Copyright House is allowing subscribers to register unlimited works for one low subscription fee.

These are only a few of the thousands of subscribers who have registered many hundreds or even thousands of works:


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