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Why choose Copyright House?

  • As a subscriber of Copyright House you'll benefit from a fast and secure UK-based international proof of copyright service.
  • At Copyright House we feel that all creative people should have the opportunity to prove the existence of their copyright without having to pay each time they need to register a new work or update. That's why one low subscription fee gives you unlimited Gigabytes space and allows unlimited registrations including updates.
  • Whilst registering your works, Copyright House provides a secure upload facility. Your files are being encrypted during uploads and stored in a highly secure environment.
  • We store copies of your copyright registrations securely in fire-proof data-safes, in a solicitor's office and a bank safety deposit box.
  • You'll receive a copyright registration certificate containing a unique registration ID and security code, the exact file name, path and size and an exact date/time stamp for every new registered work, as well as for every update.
  • You may submit as many songs, lyrics, artworks, web designs, web pages, documents, blogs, films, audio files, video files etc, etc, all for one low subscription fee.

Having an independent third-party that retains a genuine copy of your work means there can be no element of doubt in proving your ownership of that work. Should an infringement of copyright occur, a real copy of your submitted work could then be produced in court. Any proof of copyright kept in your own possession will be less convincing than objective, third-party proof. When you register your copyright with Copyright House, a genuine copy of your work is securely stored in fire-proof data safes. Therefore you can feel secure in the knowledge that your registrations are secured.

Copyright House is a UK based, international copyright registration service providing independent, third-party proof of copyright as well as high quality, secure, reliable and affordable copyright protection.

Copyright House is owned by Copyright House Limited. Since its formation on 28 September 2009, it has served thousands of copyright holders and has registered over 350,000 works.

The company has a set of procedures and policies in place which ensure that all works are securily transmitted, stored and encrypted, so that independent evidence of copyright ownership is available, whenever needed.

The management of Copyright House is a team of highly motivated individuals who feel that registering copyright should be easy and affordable for any artist, songwriter, lyricist, choreographer, designer, photographer, website owner or other creative individual. More about us...

International copyright protection

If your copyright exists in one of the 179 countries who signed up for the Berne Convention, then copyright of your work automatically exists in all those countries. This means that your work is protected almost world-wide, once its copyright comes into existence.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

We give a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with our service within 30 days of sign up, we'll reimburse the money you paid. No questions asked.

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