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Jan Luteyn BMus., Managing Director

Managing Director Jan LuteynManaging director and Copyright House founder Jan Luteyn is an accomplished musician, music teacher and composer. He studied piano with the renowned concert pianist Edith Lateiner at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam before teaching piano and keyboard skills, and also music-composition to many musicians worldwide. He also studied business management and was a member of the management board of the MERU international educational institution in the Netherlands for several years. He now uses this wealth of experience to manage Copyright House.


Nathan Walton, Artist Promotion Manager

Artist Promotion Manager Nathan WaltonNathan is responsible for the promotion of Copyright House subscribers' works. He'll be contacting subscribers, inviting them to join the books, music and photo websites.


Ivan Graur, Co-ordinator for the Russian Federation

Ivan Graur, Coordinator for the Russian Federation.Ivan was born in Moldova. He studied Law at the Academy in Moscow (Russian Federation). He is currently studying Natural Law in the Ukraine. Ivan joined the Copyright House team in 2011, because he believes that copyright protection should be affordable and therefore possible for every person who needs it.


Manyu Mo, Co-ordinator Chinese speaking countries

Manyu MoManyu Mo, who is directing the Asian division of Copyright House, graduated as a fashion designer in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1983. He worked as a fashion designer, an art director for commercial film productions, a stage costume designer and a set designer for local performance groups and dance companies. For more than 10 years Manyu has been active in making experimental films and video art. He participated in the "Hong Kong Independent Short Film Festival" in 1984 and won the "Best Experimental Film Awards".


Jörg Gauger, Co-ordinator German speaking countries

Joerg GaugerJörg Gauger was born in Bremen, Germany. He is responsible for the co-ordination of the branch of Copyright House which is operating in the German speaking countries. After his technical graduation in 1976, he worked in the telecommunications industry for almost a decade, before spending several years working in the export and import industry specialising in jewellery and accessories. Before joining Copyright House he was Management Consultant of a sugar company in Brazil. Jörg has a strong interest in classic cars and enjoys bringing together enthusiasts and organising the buying and selling of these high-end automobiles.


Tanja Otrin, Co-ordinator for Slovenia and other Slavic countries

Tanja OtrinTanja lives in Slovenia. She graduated at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana in 2006. After that Tanja passed the national (state) bar exam, which enables her to represent clients and their legal issues at court. She practises law in a variety of law fields.


Roman Zidaric MSc., Co-ordinator for Croatia

Roman ZidaricIn 2000 Roman graduated from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana, Slovenia with a Master's Degree in Computer Science. He worked there for five years as an Assistant Lecturer, during which time he published four scientific research studies on the physiological effects of the TM technique. His current interests include development of medicinal electronics and scientific research on meditation.


Thierry Dubout BA., Co-ordinator French speaking countries

Thierry DuboutThierry is from Ferney-Voltaire, a little French town next to the Swiss border known for being the home town of the famous writer and philosopher Voltaire. Thierry co-ordinates the branch of Copyright House which is operating in French speaking countries. He received a BA in electrical engineering in France in 1984 and a BA in computer science in the USA in 1989.


Susan Luteyn, PR Manager and Secretary

PR Manager and Secretary Susan LuteynSusan Luteyn, secretary and head of the Public Relations department. Susan's bright personality and diverse skills in dealing with people make her the ideal head of the Public Relations department. She has worked for several years on various projects for an educational organization in both the USA and Europe. Susan believes in the power of music and the arts to transform the lives of individuals in a positive way.


Stuart Vernon PhD., Co-ordinator Australia and New-Zealand

Stuart VernonStuart studied science in Christchurch, New Zealand and in 1994 helped set up a university in rural Cambodia for under privileged youth. From 1996-2005 he was in-country representative of the Australian Aid for Cambodia Fund and co-Director of the university. Since then Stuart has worked as a consultant, helping develop Consciousness-Based Education curricula in various countries and has pursued further studies in Vedic Science, gaining a Doctorate degree. He is a talented guitarist and singer/songwriter and has toured many countries giving concerts. He released his debut CD "Invincible Nations" in 2007.


Birgitte Sonneby, Co-ordinator for Denmark

Birgitte Sonneby, Co-ordinator for DenmarkBirgitte was born in Copenhagen in 1964. She is a qualified Interior Decorator, Display Artist and Sign Writer. Her sparkling enthusiasm and refined sense of beauty led her into the world of painting. Birgitte's work has been exhibited in various companies in Denmark. She also taught private art-classes, held workshops and has been teaching in the Rorvig Folk-highschool since 2009.



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