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Published: 16 December 2021

A Copyright-Free Christmas Movie!

Oh the joyous Christmas film! Hot chocolate, family and friends, all nestled contently around the television watching our favourite family films.

We already talked about how music pre 1925 slips into the public domain, and is therefore copyright free. But is this the same for movies?

Copyright lasts for the lifetime of the owner of the copyright plus a further 70 years.

The Film Scrooge was made in 1935 and fell into the public domain because Julias Hagen who produced the film, passed away in 1940.

So the well loved and popular Christmas film Scrooge is an adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic - A Christmas Carole.

A Christmas Carole is in the public domain as listed in our copyright free Christmas book special list.

So there you have it the film Scrooge is copyright free! Not so Bah Humbug now!

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