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Terms and Conditions


By using our Services, you agree to abide by the following terms of use ("Terms and Conditions"). Please read these Terms and Conditions before accepting them.

1. The Company

I. Copyright House Limited (hereafter referred to as Copyright House) claims no ownership, intellectual property rights, or any other rights over your submitted material. By registering for an account, you will be able to upload your creative materials. You will receive a date and time proof (copyright certificate) of the existence of your copyrighted work in order to help you prove that you are the creator of the work in case of infringement.

II. All reasonable care will be taken over copyrighted works sent to us. Works uploaded by you onto our system are not opened by any of the Copyright House staff unless you request us to do so. Your uploaded works will be encrypted and securely stored in different geographical locations to ensure the safety of your work and proof of copyright.

III. Copyright House may make any changes to its websites and promotional literature about its services, that it believes necessary to correct errors or omissions, without any liability to the client.

IV. Copyright House may make duplicates of registered works to be deposited with a notary of public. All duplicates will be treated as highly confidential.

V. Copyright House reserves the right to vary subscription fees from time to time. However, any such changes made will not be applied to subscription fees that have already been paid. If you have a recurring subscription, then you'll automatically be charged the same amount for each following recurring payment. However, if your recurring payments cannot be made by our payment processor (PayPal), then a new recurring payment can be set up in order to renew your copyright account subscription. This new recurring payment will be the same amount as your original recurring payment. To prevent interruption of your recurring payments, we advise you to ensure that there are a) enough funds in your PayPal account, b) that your card details that PayPal holds are up-to-date, c) that your email address that PayPal holds are up-to-date and d) to read any emails that PayPal may send to you to inform you that the next recurring payment could not be made.

VI. Any information supplied to Copyright House will be treated as strictly confidential. However, Copyright House is not responsible for the confidentiality of any information that is already in the public domain or becomes available to the public in the future.

VII. Copyright House will not be liable for any loss, damage or costs that may arise from a fault of a subscriber such as illegibility or inaccuracy of supplied information or client-side computer errors affecting uploads. It is your responsibility to check that your file has been uploaded correctly. This can be done immediately after submitting your file or by contacting us.

VIII. Should any delay or failure of services provided by Copyright House occur that are beyond the company's control, Copyright House will not be deemed liable or in breach of contract.

IX. Copyright House offers an independent third-party proof of copyright. Should an infringement occur, then Copyright House can provide evidence of copyright ownership and an affidavit at the price charged by the legal professional for this service. Other legal fees and proving copyright ownership in a court of law are the responsibility of the subscriber. See point XII below for exceptions. Registration does not create copyright as copyright by law already exists from the moment your work has been put in a tangible form. Registration of your work with Copyright House creates an independent third-party proof that you were in possession of the work at the registration date.

X. Copyright House may make any changes to its services that do not affect its provided services, in order to comply with any statutory requirements or safety issues, without notifying its subscribers.

XI. In the unlikely event that Copyright House stops trading, our existing client-base will be handed over to another reputable company. All existing subscriptions will be honoured, all submitted works will continue to be protected, new works may be submitted for copyright protection. Copyright House may also ask a Commissioner of Oaths to provide an affidavit for a court case involving a Copyright House registered work.

XII. All registered works are by default mentioned in the Copyright House Directory of Registered Works. The directory aids to prove that you have registered your works with Copyright House. The only information which is visible to the public is the title of the work, the abbreviated name of the author/artist/composer, the date and time that the works have been registered and the registration ID. The directory does not allow the general public to see you works or to listen to your works. Also, your mention in the directory is not compulsory. If you would like your works not to be mentioned in the directory, then please contact us to request to be excluded from the directory.

XIII. Copyright House stores uploaded files securely. However, it is not a file storage facility. File retrieval requests will incur an extra charge.

2. Subscribers

I. In order to become a user, you will be asked to select a unique username and password and will provide other personal details, including your email address. Copyright House will not share your personal information, including your email address, with others.

II. You agree not to impersonate somebody else.

III. We advise you to keep your username and password secure and not to reveal them to anyone else. However, if someone else would get hold of these login details and log into your account, then they would not be able to view, listen to or download any of your registered works.

IV. You affirm that you are the creator of the work for which you register copyright. You agree not to register work which is the intellectual property of someone else. It is an offence to claim to be the creator of another person's work. If you knowingly upload work which is the intellectual property of another person, then you will provide Copyright House compensation for any loss, damage or costs incurred by Copyright House.

IVa. Copyright House cannot act as an arbitrator in such disputes as they must be resolved by a legal entity.

IVb. Copyright House reserves the right to temporarily suspend a registered work in the event of a legal dispute until such time as the dispute is legally resolved.

V. You should be aware that you can only register works that come under the category of copyright, i.e. not trade marks, industrial designs or patents. It is your responsibility to check the category that your work falls into. If you are in any doubt about this, then we advise you to consult a legal professional, or contact the Intellectual Property Office in your country. Copyright House is not responsible for checking this.

VI. Your subscription will only be valid for the period for which you have paid. Subscriptions made in instalments should be completed in full. If you cancel recurring payments (where applicable) before the total amount is paid, then your registration certificate(s) will not be valid. Copyright House will therefore not be able to prove that you are the owner of the work(s). Purchasing the Single Registration Valid for Life option means there is no recurring payment and your copyright registration is valid for life (70 years).

VII. You agree that you keep your email address and personal details up-to-date, so that we can remind you of any recurring payments due. These details also enable us to contact you if we need to ask any questions about your registered works.

IX. Refund policy. If you would like to cancel your account within 30 days of your account creation, then please contact us. We will delete your account and its registered works. We will refund your payment.

X. You agree not to upload viruses and other malware and not to hack, corrupt, or tamper with the system. If Copyright House determines that you have done any of the above, then Copyright House reserves the right to restrict access to your account.

XI. If you cannot access or use your account immediately after creating it, then please contact us to request manual activation. We will activate your account as soon as possible. Please do not pay twice if you think that your transaction has been successful. You can contact us through the contact form or by phone.

3. General

I. These terms and conditions constitute the complete agreement between Copyright House and its subscribers. All other terms and conditions expressed by statute or otherwise are excluded to the fullest extent of the law.

II. You agree to indemnify Copyright House in full against any loss or penalty that incurs because of your breach of any of these provisions.

III. If any one of these terms and conditions are considered to be invalid by a competent authority, the remaining terms and conditions will be unaffected.

IV. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

V. Copyright House Limited is a private limited company registered in England, company no. 07058007.

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