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Independent third-party proof of copyright

To be sure that you have solid proof of copyright ownership, we recommend that you register your work with an independent third-party.

Having an independent third-party that retains a genuine copy of your work removes any element of doubt that you were in possession of that work from the date of registration.

This is a major advantage over other forms of copyright registration, such as poor man's copyright.

Should an infringement occur, having an impartial party in possession of hard evidence is an extremely strong position to hold in a court of law. When you register your copyright with Copyright House, this is exactly what you get. On top of that, your work is stored in fire-proof data safes for extra security.

Another advantage to registering copyright with an independent third-party that holds a copy of your work, is that should - for some unforeseen circumstance - your original copy and any other copies that you hold in your possession get lost or damaged, you will always have a back-up. Copyright House offers a third level of security by storing an encrypted copy of your work in a solicitors office's safe. Thus ensuring there is a copy of your work available whenever needed.

We always recommend registering your work before publication.

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