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Published: 9 September 2020

Why You Should Register Your Copyright Straight Away

You may have spent hours and days of your time creating something that is special to you.

Do not let someone claim its copyright in a few seconds.

You should always register your copyright BEFORE you display, publish or perform your work in any way.

You may feel that you can put off registering your copyright because you're a long way away from publicly promoting it.

However, offers or chances of performing etc. can often appear out of the blue, and you want to be prepared for every eventuality.

Even if you just show your work to friends, there may be others around that are not such good friends.

It's quick and easy to register your copyright.

Any unscrupulous person could easily take your work and register its copyright. Do it before they do!

Imagine how you would feel if someone else started making money and/or gaining recognition through your work.

Imagine being sued for using your own work and having no proof of copyright – you would most certainly lose.

Also, don't make the mistake of assuming that all promoters, publishers etc. are trustworthy.

Therefore it's important to register your copyright before you show or play it to anyone!

Register your copyright straight away!

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