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Registering your Copyright

Registering your copyright with Copyright House is quick, easy and affordable.

By uploading your musical, artistic, literary or other work, a date and time stamp is recorded into our system.

This date/time stamp of registration is of vital importance to prove your copyright ownership.

For this reason we emphasize that you always FIRST register your copyright BEFORE you publish your work.

Even if your work has not yet been fully completed, registration is important as various versions of the work adds to the proof of copyright.

What you receive:

tick green 20x15pxLimited or Unlimited Packages

Our subscriptions offer flexable and affordable packages, whether you need to register one or multiple copyrights, there is a package for you.

Register your songs, photos, designs, books and other artistic, musical or literary works at at any time - remaining credits do not expire.

tick green 20x15pxUnlimited Registrations

Our unlimited registration packages allow unlimited gigabytes work space.

tick green 20x15pxFree Certificates of Registration

After each uploaded work you receive a FREE certificate of registration.

tick green 20x15pxReal Copy Copyright

Registering your copyright with Copyright House creates what is called "Real Copy Copyright"

tick green 20x15pxSecure Uploads & Storage

Your files are uploaded through a secure private server, using a Comodo RSA Extended Validation Server CA SSL Certificate, which are then stored in secure fireproof safes.

You can check the security certificate by clicking on the green padlock in the address bar:

secure connection address bar

tick green 20x15pxFiles Deposited with a Notary of Public

Copies of your registered works are first encrypted and then deposited with a notary of public.

tick green 20x15pxFree Affidavit

In the case of infingement of your copyrighted work, Copyright House can provide a free affidavit certified by a commissioner of Oaths and a Solicitor.

tick green 20x15pxFree DMCA take down notices

We provide FREE DMCA take down notices in the case of online plagiarism.

tick green 20x15px30-day Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee.

Meet our Team

managing director copyright house77px

Jan Luteyn BMus., Managing Director, Founder Copyright House


leonid cotruta77x102

Leonid Cotruta, Patent Attorney, Intellectual Property Expert


ivan graur77px

Ivan Graur,
Lawyer, IP Co-ordinator for the Russian Federation



Susan Luteyn,
Trademark Administrator, IP Coordinator for the UK

manyu mo77px

Manyu Mo,
IP Co-ordinator Chinese speaking countries

joerg gauger 77px

Jörg Gauger,
IP Co-ordinator German speaking countries

tanja otrin77px

Tanja Otrin,
Lawyer, Co-ordinator for Slovenia and other Slavic countries

roman zidaric77px

Roman Zidaric MSc.
IP Co-ordinator for Croatia

thierry dubout77px

Thierry Dubout BA.
IP Co-ordinator French speaking countries

stuart vernon77px

Stuart Vernon PhD.
IP Co-ordinator Australia and New-Zealand

birgitte sonneby77px

Birgitte Sonneby,
IP Co-ordinator for Denmark






Sebastian Galassi, UK Composer"What can I say, I am pleased with Copyright House. Now my work is safe with the company's care behind it. After their service, there isn't a musician in the UK who wouldn't trust their work to their seal of quality. When looking back over the years I've spent with them, I can say that I am proud to be a lifetime subscriber. They are a real boon!" - Sebastian Galassi, Composer.

tara della hopley 150x105"I joined Copyright House because it is very clear and concise and laid out nicely making it easy to understand and simple to use. That's what I like! For me the Five Year Subscription Package seems just right at this stage, and nice and manageable. And the fact that one can simply renew the package for a set fee, without any upheaval is great! Also the fees seem reasonable and one gets a good package which equals value for money. Thanks again!" - Tara Della Hopley, Writer.

stefano marchesotti 150x105"After using your service once again today, I would like to express with all sincerity my highest compliments. Your service is efficient, convenient, simple and particularly economical. With a really small annual amount you provide a complete and efficient service, up to the highest expectations. Well done! It is a great pleasure to find a service in a such a perfect blend of competence, honesty and courtesy." - Stefano Marchesotti, Writer, Italy.

frederique patterson 150x107"I am so pleased to have found Copyright House, and although a lot of my work was done years ago, at least now I have peace of mind knowing that my work is safe and my rights protected. It is a sound financial investment, because it is not just about the here and now, it is about your peace of mind for the future too, because ideas are dynamic, what is relevant for tomorrow may not be relevant for today. Plus, I am grateful for the time, help and guidance which the company has provided." - Frederique Patterson, Poet.

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Copyright Questions

Why register your work?

Registering your copyright with Copyright House gives you physical proof that you were in possession of a particular work at a certain date and time. If anyone else registers that work or claims to be the creator of it at a later date, you have objective proof of your registration.

What if someone copies my work?

If somebody publishes your copyrighted work online, we can issue an official DMCA Take Down Notice to the Internet Service Provider and the owner of the website where your content has been posted without your permission.

If someone infringes your copyrighted work offline then we can help you by contacting them and their publisher to stop the infringer using your work without your consent.

What exactly do I get when I register my copyright with Copyright House?

  • Your files are uploaded through a secure private server using a Comodo RSA Extended Validation Server CA SSL Certificate.
  • These files are then downloaded, encrypted and stored in fire-proof data safes.
  • Encrypted copies of your files are stored in the strong room of a solicitor's office.
  • Every 3 years we make an extra backup of all registered works to prevent data loss.
  • Our unlimited registration packages allow up to 2GB per file.
  • Remaining registration credits never expire.
  • We issue a free certificate of registration for each registered copyright and provide a free certified affidavit (worth £150) if necessary.
  • We issue official DMA notices in the case of online plagiarism.
  • Registrations are listed free of charge in the Copyright House Directory of Registered Works. (Unless you choose to opt out)

Can I register my songs after publishing them on the web?

You can, however it is better to register your songs, artworks, photos, designs or books before you publish them. You may be tempted to show your work on the internet as soon as you've created it. However, you could discover that someone has copied your work and sells it without honouring you. It's not always easy to prove copyright ownership without proof of registration. That's why we always advise you to FIRST register your copyright BEFORE you make it public.

Is my copyright valid internationally?

Yes, your copyright is valid in nearly all the countries of the world. It is valid in the 175 countries who are signatories of the "Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works".

How does Copyright House compare to other Copyright Services?

You may have come across other copyright registration services which look as if they are the official copyright registration for your country. At Copyright House we don't take advantage of people's ignorance of copyright law, or pretend to be the official governmental copyright service. There is no official governmental copyright registration service in the UK and most countries.

Why Choose Copyright House?

By registering your copyright with Copyright House, you will have an independent third-party helping you prove your copyright ownership.
One of the many benefits of registering your copyright with Copyright House is that we actually hold a genuine copy of your work. In the case of an infringement, we not only have the data to prove that you have registered the work in question, but we also have evidence to back it up.
At Copyright House we provide a dedicated secure server for your uploaded files, your files are quickly moved from the server and stored in fire-proof data safes. Your copyright will be valid in 175 countries worldwide, one fee is all you pay (depending on your package), the list goes on and on. To find out even more reasons why you should register your work with Copyright House, please visit our why choose Copyright House page.

Can I register anything I want e.g. logos, manuscripts, images etc?

Yes, you can register logos, manuscripts and images. However, if you would like to protect a name which you may have in the logo, then you would need a trade mark for that.

How about the affidavit and certificates?

In the case of infringement of your registered copyright we will, if needed, provide an affidavit free of charge. An affidavit is an official document signed in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths and a Solicitor.

Immediately after every uploaded file in your secure upload area you can download the particular certificate of registration for that file. The certificate shows: your name, company name (if applicable), username, title of registered work, file name, file size, registration ID, date and time of registration, security code and any other information you have given about the registered work.



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Protecting Brand Names

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