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What Copyright House Offers

Unlimited Registrations

Register unlimited works at any time during your subscription at no extra cost. Unbeatable value!
An affordable price along with continuous support.

Real Copy Copyright

Copyright House stores a real copy of your songs, photos, designs, books and other artistic, musical or literary works.

Free Digital Certificate

Download a free certificate of registration within your secure registration area immediately after every uploaded file.

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A great team always ready to help you in case of need, it is a pleasure to be included in your site, thank you again for your professionalism.
Joe Ganech
Gosh are you this good with all your clients? I am impressed! Thank you for your very personal service.

Barbara Czepulkowski
It seemed to go very well and easy. My first 40 files uploaded and certificates received. I'm a HAPPY man! Thank you

Iain Stringer
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