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  • Berne Convention of Artistic and Literary Works: Copyright now valid in 179 countries

Copyright Law

Copyright is a form of intellectual protection for original works of a creator giving them exclusive rights for their use and distribution

Berne Convention

In 1886 the "Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works" was held to further protect creative artists

What Copyright Protects

Copyright gives the creator of an original work, in any medium, protection from that work being copied

Independent Third-party

Copyright House as an independent third-party retains a genuine copy of your work

When does Copyright Expire

Copyright lasts for the lifetime of the copyright holder plus 50-70 years

Copyright Registration

Copyright House provides Real Copy copyright registration where a genuine copy of a work is registered and securely stored

How to Copyright your Music

Guidelines on how to register your music, register your songs, register your lyrics

How to Copyright your Art

How to register copyright of your drawings, paintings, sculptures, designs, illustrations, animations and more

How to Copyright your Book

How to register copyright of your books, ebooks, poems, essays, articles and more

Why Register Copyright

The purpose of registering copyright is to protect the creator of a work against infringement

Copyright House Directory

Copyright House Directory of Registered Works


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Articles about copyright, copyright news

Copyright news articles about anything related to music copyright, song copyright, book copyright, art and design copyright and more

Registration Updates

Copyright House facilitates and protects the artistic creative process by offering unlimited free registration updates

About Copyright House

Copyright House team of registration experts

Unlimited Registrations

Unlimited Registrations with the Copyright House Unlimited Plans

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Golden Rule: Register First, Then Publish

When you have written a book or a song, taken a picture or created a design, you may want to post it on the web immediately and share it with others. However, it only needs one unscrupulous person to copy your work and claim to have created it themselves.

If that happens, you could find it difficult to prove that the work is, in fact, yours. Don't let this happen to you! Register your work before you air it publicly. Even if the work is not yet completely finished, it's good to register it at different stages of its evolution.

This way we can best help you prove your copyright. For creative individuals, Copyright House offers unlimited copyright registrations with its affordable subscription plans.

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