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Copyright House Blog

Sherlock Holmes' 'Copyright Emotions:' Unsolved

Sherlock Holmes' copyright protected emotions were a topic of discussion, until the case came to an abrupt close. What have we learned?

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Are Pantomimes Protected by Copyright?

Oh, yes they are! However, it can be difficult to pin-down which elements of the pantomime performance are protected by copyright law.

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Could Banksy Have Kept His Copyright Ownership?

Earlier in the year, Banksy was forced to forfeit the copyright ownership to his 'Flower Thrower' image. Could things have been different?

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Who Owns Your Tattoo?

There has been an increasing amount of discussion over copyright and tattoos. It raises the question: who owns the copyright to your tattoo?

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What Does Fair Use/ Fair Dealing Mean?

Fair use, or fair dealing, is an exception to copyright law which allows some copyrighted works to be reused under specific circumstances.

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How Brexit is Changing UK Copyright Law

Brexit is a topic widely discussed, and with ever-increasing frequency as we near January 1st 2021. But how is it changing UK copyright law?

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How Are Copyright Free and Royalty Free Different?

There is a measure of confusion over the difference between copyright and royalty free content. Do you really know what they mean?

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Copyright and Translation

A translation is a form of derivative work which requires the copyright holder’s permission, unless the piece is in the public domain.

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When Does Copyright Expire?

In the UK, copyright lasts for the lifetime of the creator, and will expire 70 years after their death. However, there are some exceptions.

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Google v. Oracle: Coding and Copyright

In a high-profile case unlike any before, Google and Oracle have gained significant media attention in a decade-long legal battle.

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What is Copyright Infringement And How Do We Stop It?

In short, copyright infringement occurs when someone uses your intellectual property (your book, song, artwork etc.) without your permission.

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Sherlock Holmes And His 'Copyrighted Emotions'

This question is starting to gain more attention again after the release of Netflix's "Enola Holmes" with claims of copyright infringement.

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Banksy Is Losing Copyright

Banksy is an anonymous England-based street artist, political activist, and film director, active since the 1990s.

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Real Copy Copyright

In addition to storing an encrypted file of your work in our secure locations, we also store an exact copy of your original work.

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Why You Should Register Your Copyright Straight Away

You should always register your copyright BEFORE you display, publish or perform your work in any way, to be prepared for every eventuality.

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Why Register Copyright

Many creative individuals think that copyright registration can be postponed, but anyone could register their work and claim to be the creator of it.

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What is Poor Man's Copyright

Poor man's copyright is a cheap, but a much less effective way of protecting your work, poor man's copyright can easily be forged.

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Affordable Copyright Protection

Our main goal is to give creative artists the peace of mind and security they deserve, without us charging them extortionate amounts of money.

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What Copyright Does Not Protect

Names (e.g. business names), ideas, methods and systems cannot be protected by copyright. Please visit Trademark House for more information.

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What Copyright Protects

Copyright gives the creator of an original work, in any medium, protection from that work being copied. These mediums include:

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What is Copyright

In short, copyright is a form of intellectual protection for original works of a creator, whether published or unpublished...

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