Affordable Copyright Protection

Copyright protection is a very important aspect of your profession as an artist, musician, or designer. Cheap copyright registration is certainly desirable, but should it be at the cost of quality?

Certainly not. If you register your work with a copyright registration service, there are several things you have to look for, not only whether registration is cheap. Let's see how Copyright House deals with these.

Affordable Copyright Registration

The service should be affordable. At Copyright House all of our registration packages are set at a very low price. We offer such amazing value for money because Copyright House was set up by creative artists for creative artists. We understand that most creative people do not have loads of money, but all artists want to secure their copyright and the peace of mind that comes with that security. Our main goal is to give creative artists the peace of mind and security they deserve without them having to pay extortionate amounts of money.
Purchase our Lifetime Unlimited Registrations package and pay nothing more, ever! Just sit back and enjoy a lifetime of copyright registrations.


The registration service should be reliable and secure, so that your intellectual property is well protected during submission of your work. Copyright House follows strict security measures to protect your work.


The service should not suddenly be unavailable. Copyright House has a set of procedures in place to prevent it from having to stop the service. One of the agreements is to not take out loans, or to take other financial risks.


You should get help quick, whenever you need it. Our support department can be reached 9am - 5pm, 7 days a week.


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Protecting Brand Names

If you need to protect the name of your business, your artist name or the name of your band/group, then you need to register it as a trademark, Please check out Trademark House for more information.

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One of the unique features of Copyright House is allowing subscribers to register unlimited works for one low subscription fee.

These are only a few of the thousands of subscribers who have registered many hundreds or even thousands of works:


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