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Here you can find out how to register your copyrights with Copyright House. 

  • As we are living in the information age, we can communicate like never before.
  • We can get information about anything or anyone with just a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a button.
  • With most of our creative works being stored somewhere as data in a digital format, and with access to that data being so readily available to anyone with a bit of know-how, it is now, more than ever, important to secure your ownership of copyright.

For these reasons it is important to register your creative works without delay.

Register Online

Find out just how easy it is to register your copyright online with Copyright House.

Transferring Copyright

If you wish to transfer your copyright ownership to someone else, it is very easy with Copyright House.


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Protecting Brand Names

If you need to protect the name of your business, your artist name or the name of your band/group, then you need to register it as a trademark, Please check out Trademark House for more information

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