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Sherlock Holmes' 'Copyright Emotions:' Unsolved

Sherlock Holmes' copyright protected emotions were a topic of discussion, until the case came to an abrupt close. What have we learned?

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Are Pantomimes Protected by Copyright?

Oh, yes they are! However, it can be difficult to pin-down which elements of the pantomime performance are protected by copyright law.

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Could Banksy Have Kept His Copyright Ownership?

Earlier in the year, Banksy was forced to forfeit the copyright ownership to his 'Flower Thrower' image. Could things have been different?

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Who Owns Your Tattoo?

There has been an increasing amount of discussion over copyright and tattoos. It raises the question: who owns the copyright to your tattoo?

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What Does Fair Use/ Fair Dealing Mean?

Fair use, or fair dealing, is an exception to copyright law which allows some copyrighted works to be reused under specific circumstances.

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How Brexit is Changing UK Copyright Law

Brexit is a topic widely discussed, and with ever-increasing frequency as we near January 1st 2021. But how is it changing UK copyright law?

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How Are Copyright Free and Royalty Free Different?

There is a measure of confusion over the difference between copyright and royalty free content. Do you really know what they mean?

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Copyright and Translation

A translation is a form of derivative work which requires the copyright holder’s permission, unless the piece is in the public domain.

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When Does Copyright Expire?

In the UK, copyright lasts for the lifetime of the creator, and will expire 70 years after their death. However, there are some exceptions.

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Google v. Oracle: Coding and Copyright

In a high-profile case unlike any before, Google and Oracle have gained significant media attention in a decade-long legal battle.

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