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Gucci vs Guess

Handbags at dawn? More like handbags over a decade! This is a historic copyright case, nearly as iconic as the brands involved. Lets go back to 2018. Representatives for both Gucci and Guess declared that their international copyright war had finally reached an agreement. Now the terms of this agreement were never shared, however the […]

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Netflix and The Giant Peach

Netflix is going up in the glass elevator with Dahl's company and smashing the glass ceiling. Roald Dahl is a UK national treasure. Throughout his decades long career he amassed a total of 49 books - 21 of those for children. He was the genius behind the beloved Charlie and the Chocolate factory, James and […]

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A Copyright-Free Christmas Movie!

Oh the joyous Christmas film! Hot chocolate, family and friends, all nestled contently around the television watching our favourite family films. We already talked about how music pre 1925 slips into the public domain, and is therefore copyright free. But is this the same for movies? Copyright lasts for the lifetime of the owner of […]

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A List of Copyright-Free Christmas Stories!

It's Christmas time - and nothing says Christmas like dusting off an old classic to read to the children at bedtime. Have you ever wondered who owns the copyright to our beloved Christmas stories? Well the team here at Copyright House have put together a list of copyright free Christmas stories, these are all stories […]

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A List of Copyright-free Christmas Music!

Any song published before 1925 is now in the public domain. We know Copyright is important, and registering your copyright is the only way to protect your works. So how can songs be copyright free? Public domain is a term for songs where the legal copyright protections have expired and you don't need permission from […]

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Will UK Copyright Be Changing?

Initially, the changes to copyright post-Brexit were to be minimal. Now, the UK government are considering changes to copyright function.

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How To Protect Your Online Course

A lot of hard work goes into the creation of an online course, and it is important to protect it against infringement.

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Copyright in Coding: The Final Result

The infamous coding and copyright case which has had many software developers on the edge of their seat, has finally come to a close.

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Can You Copyright A Meme?

Memes are one of the most common sources of media on the internet - but do they violate copyright law? Can copyright in memes be regulated?

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Copyright in Choreography

Copyright in regards to choreography is a topic that has gained a significant amount of media attention in recent years.

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